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Buyandship Parcel Forwarding to Hong Kong Buyandship Parcel Forwarding to Hong Kong

幸运飞行艇最新开奖直播|幸运飞行艇最新开奖结果|幸运飞行艇最新开奖结果查询 Shop abroad. Ship to Hong Kong.

Parcel forwarding from the U.S., U.K., Japan, Korea, Taiwan and more places with our warehouses.

Parcel forwarding from the U.S., U.K., Japan, Korea, Taiwan and more places with our warehouses.

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Fast forwarding
Regular forwarding with a max. of 5 times a week.
Weight-based fee
Our delivery fee is based on Actual Weight.
Global services
Ship to our 11 Warehouses across the Globe.
Supportive Team
Need any help? Our team is always with you.
幸运飞行艇最新开奖结果视频|幸运飞行艇最新开奖记录|幸运飞行艇最新开奖记录视频 How Buyandship works
How to use Buyandship? 1. Get your free address
Get your free address
Reliable international delivery
Our 11 self-operated and dedicated warehouses help you ship your goods home.
View our warehouses
How to use Buyandship? 2. Shop on stores around the world
Shop around the world
Shopping guides provided
Read our blogs to discover the best overseas online shops and shopping tips.
Shop now
How to use Buyandship? 3. Pick up or deliver your parcel in Hong Kong
One-stop shipping services
User-friendly and traceable delivery
We provide a smooth and transparent shipment process with professional support before, during and after sales.
Read the shipping tutorial
168幸运飞开艇官方|168幸运飞开艇官网开奖历史|168幸运飞开艇官网开奖记录 Why choose Buyandship
Buyandship advantage-1. earn credits and save on shipping fee
Credit Rewards Program Credit Rewards Program
Earn Buyandship Credits and save on shipping costs!
Earn Buyandship Credits and save on shipping costs!
Buyandship Plus additional parcel protection
Buyandship Plus
Rest easy with additional protection for your parcels.
Buyandship advantage-3. weight-based fee and free membership
Weight-based Fee
Pay based on the actual weight that you ship. No hidden charges. Free membership.
168幸运飞开艇开奖app|168幸运飞行艇开奖记录|幸运飞舰开奖结果 Editors Picks

Japan Warehouse Relocation

Our new warehouse in Japan is opened! More shipments can be processed in this new spacious warehouse. To ensure an efficient freight forwarding of your shipment, we strongly recommend you to ship with our new warehouse now.

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New Credits Friend Referral Program

Effective from May 17th, 2021, 00:00 (local time), the reward credits from the Friend Referral Program will be adjusted to 20 credits.  

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Latest News

UK Warehouse Relocation

You are strongly advised to update your shipping address in the U.K. with our new address as soon as possible!


New Point at Causeway Bay

Wan Chai Buyandship Redemption Center is moved to Causeway Bay, all uncollected orders will be sent to the new location where you will need to collect your order starting from May 6th.

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Buyandship Plus is Upgraded

Buyandship Plus has been optimized and upgraded to provide members a wider range of protection.

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